Special events aren’t the same as they used to be.

When people leave their house to attend a special event, they aren’t looking to be lost in a sea of guests, forgotten at a table in the back. Instead, people are looking for community and connection. They are looking to spend quality time with new and old friends, to relax in a new or familiar environment, and they are looking for comfort in the setting and in the company.

Kosi Rentals was created with this need in mind. We provide comfortable soft seating arrangements that will elevate the feel of your event, but even more importantly, will give your guests a place to connect.

Kosi Personal Branding

Pull Up a Chair!

Kosi Events, formerly April Marie Events, began in 2016 and today we work across Western Colorado and Eastern Utah helping people create unique and cozy events and weddings.

Hosting any event is hard and pulls you away from your guests. We are here to tag you out so you can actually experience & enjoy your event without having to set-up, manage hiccups, tend to ongoing tasks, or be responsible for the clean up. Just spend time with your guests and enjoy your time.

We can't wait to work with you.